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Code of Ethics

The S Squared Retirement Solutions Code of Ethics is an expression of our firms recognition of it’s responsibilities to the public, to clients, to colleagues and strategic partners. These principles provide guidance to all of our employees in the performance of their professional services.

Principle 1- Integrity

An S Squared employee shall offer professional services with Integrity

Principal 2 – Objectivity

An S Squared employee shall be objective in providing professional services to clients

Principal 3 – Competence

An S Squared employee shall provide services to clients competently and maintain the necessary knowledge and skill to continue to do so in those areas in which the designee is engaged.

Principal 4 – Fairness

An S Squared employee shall perform Services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to clients, professionals and strategic partners and shall disclose conflct(s) of interest(s) in providing such services.

Principle 5 – Confidentiality

An S Squared employee shall not disclose any confidential client information without specific consent of the client unless in response to proper legal process.

Principal 6- Professionalism

An S Squared employee’s conduct in all matters shall reflect credit upon the profession

Principal 7- Diligence

An S Squared employee shall act diligently in providing professional services. Diligence is the provision of services in a reasonably prompt and thorough manner. Diligence also includes proper planning for and supervision of the rendering of professional services.